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Moto Enduro is a motorcycle sport that takes place on an extended cross-country, off-road course. Moto Enduro consists of many different obstacles and challenges. The main type of enduro event, and the format to which the World Enduro Championship is run, is a time-card enduro, whereby a number of stages are raced in a time trial against the clock.

Why We're Different:

Using my Trial Bike Levels System, whch I have adpated for Enduro to help check for any bad habits in your riding, building a strong platform to take your riding further, introducing new skills as we go & covering bike set up, that’s what my Enduro Training Day is all about.

Do you want to make your riding more enjoyable, safer, less expensive & leave yourself with more energy for when you really need it!?

Basic riding technic’s are so important to build a strong base – using correct body positioning, clutch, throttle, brake usage – wether in fast cornering or in the trees, these skills are key to making life easier and makes for a more enjoyable day on the bike.

Clutch/throttle usuage is something that has really been interesting in my Trial & Enduro Schools – using the clutch in turning, decending, gaining more control and speed when assending, lifting the front wheel to properly take in steps, logs, anything that is going to slow you down or put you on the deck!

Proper technic in riding steps and larger obsticales, knowing where to stand, making the bike do the work – these are all excellent skill sets to improve or completly change your riding apporach

Level 1. - Bike prep – handle bar & lever position, checking throttle routing, carburation, rear brake position, suspension and if needed some maintenance tips including air filter preparation etc.

Level 2. – If very new rider I start with oval shape to work on turns moving to figure of 8 – we work hard at body position, clutch, throttle, front and rear brake usage. These elements need to be worked at on a flat piece of ground to start the building blocks of riding the bike. Level 2b. figure of 8 on a slope – this brings out more body position and clutch throttle usage.

Level 3. - Throttle/clutch control, ascending & descending – body position

Level 4. – Faster cornering – MX style – seat position, clutch/throttle usage into and exiting the turns – in ruts & flatter terrain – very useful and a great way to ride faster & with more control sat down

Level 5. – A section, with left and right turns and a piece of relevant rockery or bank to introduce throttle control and weight distribution.

Level 6. - Clutch/Throttle control, lifting the front wheel - leading to riding logs, rock steps & banks - this is tricky but opens a new level of riding skills up

Level 7. – more advanced clutch/throttle usage – climbing, understanding a climb, were to get drive from and breaking the climb down into sections - further use of body technic’s

Level 8. – Harder climbs with rocks and steps – riding these sections with more safety and using less energy.

Level 9. – Hitting a large Step with the back wheel first – this is for the expert rider and all other levels must be covered and in use before this level can be worked at.

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