Enduro Training – Dunmore Spa – Friday 20th November


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Enduro Training with me Robert Crawford @ Dunmore Mountain


Level 1. – Bike prep – handle bar & lever position, checking throttle routing, carburation, rear brake position, suspension and if needed some maintenance tips including air filter preparation etc.

Level 2. – I start with oval shape to work on turns moving to figure of 8 – we work hard at body position, clutch, throttle, front and rear brake usage. These elements need to be worked at on a flat piece of ground to start the building blocks of riding the bike. Level 2b. figure of 8 on a slope – this brings out more body position and clutch throttle usage.

Level 3 – Throttle/clutch control, ascending & descending – body position – out for a lap of the mountain and starting to use some of the points learnt so far

Level 4 –Faster cornering – MX style – seat position, clutch/throttle usage into and exiting the turns in ruts & flatter terrain – very useful and a great way to ride faster & with more control sat down


Out for more of the Enduro Track here to further try things out

Level 5. –. A section, with left and right turns and a piece of relevant rockery or bank to introduce throttle control and weight distribution.

Level 6 – Clutch/Throttle control, lifting the front wheel – leading to riding logs, rock steps & banks – this is tricky but opens a new level of riding skills up

Due to current Covid 19 restrictions, social distancing measures will be in place and a limit of 6 riders only per event
Paddock/parking will be marked out in accordance with current guidelines.

Sign on – 9am – 9.30am

Toilets on site

Bring your own lunch


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