Trial Training @ Tinker Hill – Saturday 16th October 2021 


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Trial Training @ Tinker Hill – Saturday 16th October 2021

If your only getting started or have been riding for a while and need some pointers on the challenging sport of Trial, then get yourself along to my Trial Training day this Saturday 16th October 2021 @ Tinker Hill Newry!

Here’s what you can expect –

Level 1 – We will cover some basic bike set up and maintenance tips
Level 2 – Figure of 8 – sounds easy but the problems usually start here! Clutch & Throttle usage while turning at a controllable speed – body position is key to turning well and using both front and rear brake.
Level 3 – How to tackle a small rock step, log or bank – this is a very detailed series of actions that I explain out – then we start of with lifting the front wheel on point – not something that many get right in one session but like all the other information in my course, it gives you many things to go away and practice!

Max of 5 in the group 3 hrs £60 per head including venue ticket

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